Historic Ballrooms

Speilen and Rococo was among Oslo's most famous ballrooms. Tickets was sold to celebrate polar expedition heroes, writers, Oslo celebrations and afterski after the annual Holmenkolldagen, International Ski Jumping Competition.

Several annual events with exclusive guestlists was arranged year after year. The most noticeable was possibly the artist association's carnival which had a fresh theme every year. Theater and stage decorators turned the ballrooms into any setting; e.g. arctic scenery when the theme was polar expeditions. 

Rumours were travelling of the parties and balls at Speilen. A membership in Balseskapets forening was a dream for most people, and something you could only become by invitation. A very exclusive membership in other words. Every year the ball was opened by the King and Queen.

In 1957 catastrophy struck Speilsalen and Rococosalen in the form of a fire. Head waiter Eugen Olsen is said to have been sitting up to his knees in water crying while large chandeliers fell down with a crash. They were rebuilt and reopened i 1961.

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