Inger Ellen Nicolaisen

"The Creator's room"

Inger Ellen Nicolaisen is a famous Norwegian business entrepreneur from Bodø, best known as the founder of the NIKITA hairdressing chain. Ms Inger Ellen Nicolaisen has been awarded businesswoman of the year in 2002 among many other prestigious awards.  

Many ask where the name "Nikita" comes from, and there is a very simple explanation. Elton John’s hit single, Nikita, was Inger Ellen’s favourite song when the first salon opened.

The Nikita Hair adventure started in 1994, and today, Nikita Hair has over 60 salons and 450 employees.With an informal and free-speaking style of management, and a capacity to motivate and inspire her co-workers which most would envy, Nikita Hair is one of the companies in Norway with the highest number of female managers. Her new target is 500 salons by 2015 – a vision of ”creating the greatest hairdressing adventure in history!”

For more information about Inger Ellen's work, please visit her webpage

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