The Portrait corridor

The portraits of the women we grace and have named our Ladies Floor rooms after is taken at the Grand Hotel by photographer Glenn Røkeberg.

In honour of the women who are represented on our Ladies Floor, we have created a portrait corridor where each of the 13 ladies’ have been photographed here at the Grand. Photographer Glenn Røkeberg was given the honourable task. The portraits, in black and white, hang outside each individual suit door. They are really a pleasure to the eye! Glenn Røkeberg wanted to take the pictures in the hotel’s environment in order to capture its strong identity and atmosphere. Furthermore he wished to embrace each woman’s personality, avoiding distracting elements in the pictures. Black and white was chosen as apposed to colour, to enhance the focus on the female form. The photographer Glenn Røkeberg born in 1964, Michigan USA. He is a well-known photographer and does his main work for advertising agencies, fashion and corporate clients. He has several front pages for magazines such as ELLE, HENNE, and WOMAN to name a few.

You should check out his webpage for more information and a peek into his work.

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