Paintings against foodcoupons

Hans Jæger said: If you don't have money, at least you shall eat well. Waiting staff and Kritian Fritzner (son of Julius) were great patrons of the arts, and saw to it that many of our great painters were fed well.

There was a lively trade of paintings for food stamps.

Munch has said that he gave a painting to waiter Ulleberg, which entitled him to Chateaubriand with beer and a nip for NOK 30,-. At the time a Chateaubriand was 40 øre, a nip was 10 øre, and half a bayer was 20 øre. Another well known head waiter, Olaf Olsen, was offered Munch's now famous painting "The Sick Child" for a 100 steaks, but refused.

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