Per Krohg painting

Per Krohg's great painting on the far wall of the Grand Café was painted in 1928.  The painting shows the café's interior and some of its best-known habituès in the 1890's.

He painted it inside Johanneskirken (St. John's Church) that was going to be knocked down. He had a worn plush recliner from the 1890's Grand, as well as sketches of the regulars from the Grand. He says that he first placed the recliners and the tables, pulled the curtains aside, and thereafter presented each guest that came in by name: My Ladies and Gentlemen, here comes e.g. Jæger, and later I placed the figures where they belonged. Last came Ibsen. The painting connected the past with the new and modern. We must assume that all these celebrities present in the painting was never all gathered at the same time.

Again we can see that Grand Café was like a theatre stage with tall and large windows. The stage was on Karl Johan, or inside Grand depending on where you looked from.

From the right:  The two officers Hjalle Lie and Christian Michelet.  Behind them we make out Master of the Horse, Sverdrup and his white four-in-hand.  THe Grand's director and owner, Kristian Fritzner, is seen standing, regarding the scene.  In front of him sit Fritz Thaulow and Kalle Løchen.  Behind them waiter Olaf Olsen is serving his guests, and behind him, by the window, we find Hans Jæger and the artist Edvard Munch.

Outside in the street can be seen the editor of Mogenbladet, Friele (behind Jæger), and the editor of Aftenposten, Amandus Scibsted (behind Munch).

Per Krohg: Kristianiabohemen (utsnitt)

© Per Krohg / BONO

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