Nobel menus

2009 - Barack Obama


Cured reindeer fillet and smoked duck

asparagus salad with truffle, apple- and carrot butter


Fillet of Cod from the coast of ”Møre”

Jerusalem artichoke puree, fried duck liver and parsley coulis


Aquavit sorbet


Juniper berry- and thyme marinated Elk

Pommes Berny, glazed turnip, blackcurrant- red wine reduction

Caramel- and chocolate glazed banana mousse

pea nut meringue and spice- caramel sauce



2008 - Martti Ahtisaari


Elk marinated in Kahlua a la mocca

roasted walnuts and syrup


Pan fried turbot

sautéed spinach, creamed parsley root and potato chips


Sorbet 013 with juniper berries


Braised rack of lamb

pearl onion, asparagus, pommes forrestier and cinnamon sauce


Maki of cloudberries

honey and blueberry fudge, blueberry and yoghurt sorbet  



2007 - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and Albert Arnold Gore Jr.


Scallop, salmon and king crab tartar

orange jelly, sour cream pannacotta and crostini


Darjeling smoked fillet of halibut

vanilla sauce and beetroot


Aquavite sorbet


Tenderloin of veal

morel sauce with truffle and potato cake


Global warming

white chocolate filled with raspberries and yuzu lemon 



2006 - Muhammad Yunus/ Grameen Bank


Langoustine ragout

with lobster mayonnaise


Mahi Mahi

soya and sesame seasoned vegetables steamed in banana leafs


Blood orange sorbet


Fillet of reindeer

potato brioche, celery purée and celery foam


Milk chocolate mousse

Cream of Grand Marnier and passion- banana sorbet




2005 - International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and Mohamed El Baradei


Duo of fried scallops and king crab

Served on a salad of vegetables with vanilla- and basiloil


Fried turbot

Saussage of pike perch, mashed truffle- potatoes and chicken demi glace


Aquavit sorbet


Grape- and mustard glaced rack of lamb

Roullade of polenta and peppers, raisin sauce


Dark and white chocolate pannacotta





2004 - Wangari Maathai


Terrine of scallops wrapped in aniseed pickled salmon


Monkfish medallions

with tomatoes on purée of petit pois


Aquavite Sorbet


Tenderloin of beef wrapped in spinach

with fevs and strudel potato


Macadamina nutcake

banana and chocolate mousse, Coconut ice cream




2003 - Shirin Ebadi


Trio of foie gras

with nut vinaigrette, apple gelé and brioche


Paupiette of sole and lobster

spinach, cockles and saffron sauce


Lime sorbet


Seared fillet of lamb

lavendel jus, filled mini vegetables and gratinated potatoes 


White chocolate mousse

mandarin and cardemom coulis