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Sports massage

25/40/55/85 minutes

The purpose of sports massage is to prepare the body for extreme physical exertion or fatigue after overcoming tremendous effort.

Sports massage is good for relieving sore muscles, remove fatigue, muscle tension and repairing the effects of injury or overtraining.
This massage can be applied in different forms depending on if the massage is performed before, between exercises or after exercise. This type of massage is deep and can also be painful.

25 minutes - kr. 495,-

40 minutes - kr. 775,-

55 minutes - kr. 975,-

85 minutes - kr. 1475,-

Deep tissue massage

25/40/55 minutes

"Deep tissue massage" might suggest a strong and painful impact on the patient's body; in fact, this method is proven to be the very delicate and subtle. All movements are performed with great precision and also very slow, force is applied to each patient individually - matched to the strength of tissue tension. All this means that the method is effective, and the desired results can be seen after the first treatment.
Precise nature of the work with the patient requires exceptionally good therapist palpation and ability to localize changes in the tissues.

25 minutes - kr. 550,-

40 minutes - kr. 810,-

55 minutes - kr. 1010,-

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Please see our cancellation policies for details. Any treatments cancelled outside our cancellation times will be charged in full.

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