9 Easter Activities in Oslo

Planning on spending the Easter in Oslo?

It’s not always easy to keep track of opening hours during public holidays. To help you plan the Easter stay better, we have suggested nine Easter activities in Oslo.


1.    Bygdøy

Find your way to fascinating Bygdøy and discover ancient Norwegian history in four different museums located next to each other. Learn how the famous Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl made his way from South America to the Polynesian islands by building a ship solely made by balsa three at the Kon-Tiki museum. The Kon-Tiki museum can also give you the feeling of Easter, as it has sculptures made as tribute to the Easter Islands. Move along to the more hardcore Viking ship museum that gives an insight in how the Vikings lived and concord back in the days. The Folk museum displays Norwegian culture and its development throughout the last centuries. They also have a special exhibition with emphasis on Easter traditions and facilitates for children activities. Lastly make a visit to the The Polar Ship Fram, which guides you through the dangers of polar expeditions. The ship still holds the records for sailing farthest north and farthest south.

The museums are open for tourists the following hours:

The Kon-Tiki museum: 10.00-17.00 every day

The Viking Ship Museum: 10.00-16.00 every day

The Polar Ship Fram Museum: 10.00 – 16.00 every day

The Norwegian Folk museum: 11.00 – 16.00 every day


2.    Enjoy music festivities

Oslo is a perfect city for music lovers. We have to acknowledge that the program for the Easter is less extensive than the rest of the year. However, there are some concerts worth checking out:

Inferno – Metal festival Norway 2015

Metal music is not for everyone. Despite that, there is a consistent perception outside the boarders of Norway, that metal music has it roots from Norway. Particularly ”black metal”. For the fifteenth year in a row, the Inferno Metal Festival is arranged in Oslo, and the venues are famously “John Dee” and “Rockefeller”. The festival goes on from 1.April until 4.April, and the age limit is 18 years.
For more details and tickets, see the website: www.infernofestival.net


Zotora – Didjeriidoo

Have you ever heard about the instrument “didjeriidoo”? We have to admit that this is new for us as well. Originated from the Aborigines in Australia, this instrument has a reputation of being the origin of all wind instruments, and Zotora, one of Europe´s pioneers within didjeriidoo is performing in Oslo this Easter.
The concert is on Easter Saturday at 19.00 in Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum. Tickets can be bought at www.billettservice.no.


3.    See the Oslo fjord by boat

March 20th, the ferries in the Oslo fjord returned from the winter break. There are several small and idyllic islands in the fjord, and the ferries make a stop at most of them. All you have to purchase is a 24 hours ticket for all public transports. The ferries are included in the price. For more information about what you can explore on the islands, go to www.visitoslo.no

You can also use the ferry simply to get to Bygdøy where the museums are located. The ferry to Bygdøy opens at April 1th.


4.    Bring the children to fun museums!

 Norwegian Museum of Science & Technology 

 The Norwegian Museum of Science & Technology have scheduled an Easter program. From 11-18 every day, children and grown ups can enjoy temporary exhibitions related to energy, industry, cars, trains and medicine. The National museum of Medicine provides fascinating insight in how the life of our population has improved through development of medicine and health care the last century. The Science center gives you the chance to discover the various aspects of technology and natural science. 

 The museum facilitates for children activities the whole Easter and is perfect for families. Family ticket can be purchased for a discount. The Oslo Pass, which can be acquired in our reception, includes free entrance for the museum. 

For more information, go to the website: www.tekniskmuseum.no


Reptile Park

More than 100 reptiles gathered in one park. Everything from the infamous black widow to crocodiles. The reptile park holds open every day this Easter from 10 to 18. On Tuesdays at 17, you can witness the reptiles as they are being fed.

For more information, visit http://www.reptilpark.no/


5.    Enjoy nature in high (or slow) tempo

Whether you enjoy nature in fast track by running, or you just like to stroll around in green surroundings, Oslo offers the perfect scenery. 

Ekerberg Sculpture Park

This newly established sculpture park (2013), binds nature and art together in a fascinating way. Famous artists from all corners of the world has contributed, and the area is used for art discovery as much as for running for the locale people. The location is an incentive itself to go there, with panoramic view of Oslo that can be enjoyed at daytime as well as night.


Frognerparken is the most famous and largest park in Oslo, and it is perfect for jogging or recreation. Frognerparken have more than 200 sculptures from Gustav Vigeland and are always crowded by tourist at peak periods. 


Holmenkolles is where the big ski jump is to be found, but it is also a nice area for hiking in the woods (or skiing if we still have snow). Easy access by the metro that will take you directly from the city center. If it’s not too foggy you will have a beautiful view of the city from Holmenkollen.


6.    Taste food from all corners of the world

Even though the locals often leave the city in the Easter, a lot of the restaurants are still open. However, if there is one place you should go to enjoy tastes in all different genres, Mathallen (food hall) is the place to go. This is a trendy and quality-based concept and they even have their own Easter program scheduled. At Easter, Mathallen is open from Tuesday to Saturday, with limited hours on the holidays. See their website for more information; www.mathallen.no

 7.    Do a Grand Hotel history stroll

Follow the footsteps of our Grand Hotel friends. The father of realism, the Norwegian poet and play writer, Henrik Ibsen , used to spend hours at the Grand Café with his artist friends. Start by exploring the Henrik Ibsen museum downtown, before you do as Ibsen himself and have a lunch at the Grand Café. After lunch, make the short walk to the Nobel Peace Price Center and get insight to the lives of this year’s winners. Both the Ibsen museum and Nobel Peace Price museum have its doors open in the Easter.

8.    Art discovery

The art museums are still open in the Easter. We listed three museums in the city center worth checking out. The Munch museum holds the largest collection of Edward Munch paintings in the world. In the Easter, the museum has an exhibition from Bjarne Melgaard. An exhibition that have been much discussed in Norwegian media for its controversial approach. If you are looking to see the Scream painting by Munch, the National Gallery is where you should go. There you will also find contemporary art as well as more classic pieces. Astrup Fearnley Museum is another museum filled with modern and contemporary art by artist from all over the world. All three of these museums are by walking distance from the city center where Grand Hotel is located.


9.    Easter Stroll in the city

Are you just in for a walk in the sun? We have suggested two routes whereas The city walk is based around city attractions while The River Walk gives you more nature and scenery. Maps are to be found in the reception for guests or at the Tourist Office. 


1. The city walk

-       Starting by Grand Hotel

-       Royal Palace

-       Aker Brygge

-       Akershus Fortress

-       Opera building / Barcode

-       Karl Johan Street back again

2. The River walk

-       Akerselva by foot. You will see everything from urban areas such as the Sunday market at Blå to the historical industrial buildings back from when fabrics were lined up along the river. Depending on how fast you move your feet and how far up the river you walk, the hike will take approximately 2-3 hours back and forth from the city center.

Enjoy your Easter in Oslo, and remember that if you are staying at Grand Hotel, our concierge team is more than happy to assist you with more details about things to do in Oslo. 

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