The Art of Grand

Christian Ringnes has brought three artworks and has graciously loaned the art to the hotel. Two of the works are located in the lobby area; Elmgreen & Dragset's sculpture "Powerless Structures" and Tracey Emin's neon works "The Scream". In Palmen Resturant; A lavish chandelier - "Ca 'Rezzonico" signed British Cerith Wyn Evans and Norwegian Vanessa Marth Baird's painting - "Try A Little Tenderness".

Elmgreen & Dragset - "Powerless Structures" - The sculpture of the Danish-Norwegian artist duo Elmreen and Dragset is a smaller version of the work they in 2012 showed at The Fourth Plinth in London's Trafalgar Square.

Tracey Emin stated that Edvard Munch's The Scream is the historic artwork she cherished. Emin has created two artworks: a homage to Munch, a film and this neon work.
For more information on Emin's bio, more of her works and current exhibition listings, visit
Tracey Emin homepage 

Cerith Wyn Evans - "Ca' Rezzonico" - This uplent chandelier is manufactured in Venice together with glassblowers. Lighting fixtures are connected to a computer that reads printed music. These are translated into pulsating light that give the crown a poetic character.

Vanessa Marth Baird - "I am You are she /he /it is They are" – The Norwegian artist’s imaginative world is now uncovered in Palmen Restaurant. The painting consists of 36 different paintings, and Vanessa sees it as a way to have a few moments to escape the real world. Enter an imaginative world of fairytales, inspired by Grand Hotel's history, Oslo and inspiration of the great bohems.

Marcel Leliënhof’s photograph - "Girl with animals" - Is inspired by his fascination with the Mexican festival of the Dia De Los Muertos – The day of the dead. This photographic art form is illustrated to create this imaginary world were old meets new and Catholicism meet pagan rites. The photograph can be located at The Eight Photo wall in 8th floor.

Andy Warhol - "Portrait of Crown Princess Sonja" - In addition to the purchased works, Ringnes found a fabulous Warhol work from his collection: Crown Princess Sonja. The photograph is a part of a serie created in 1982. You can locate the photograph in our beautfiful newly renovated lounges, next to our banquet spaces.

Queen Sonja - "New ceramic vase" - One of the lounges also houses one of the Queen's own artworks, a relatively new ceramic vase. 

Tim Walker - In our newly renovated lounges, it has been installed several photographs by the renowned British photographer Tim Walker.

Peter van de Ent, plaster decorator "Plaster decorations" and Axel Dahlgren, décor painter "Ceiling painting" - Rococo -  Rococo is newly renovated and is now one of the most beautiful and unique banquet rooms in Norway. Rococo, The Mirror Room and the Lounges have a remarkable history of making wonderful events. The renovation of Rococo was especially inspired by the painted ceiling it had prior to it burning down in 1957. It was then decided to give the room a beautiful, new classic ceiling painting. A team of skilled artisians worked together to recreate a new painting. The walls are decorated with real textile from Italian Rubelli. Peter van de Ent has led efforts to the beautiful plaster decorations, while décor painter Axel Dahlgren has created the ceiling paintings. The original venetian chandeliers are still shinning brighter than ever.

Ulf Nilsen - "Anna in the water where destiny takes place" - The Norwegian contemporary artist eliminates the boundaries between dreams and reality in his own artistic world, filled with experiences. The painting is made by oil on canvas, and had its first appearance at the exhibition Drømmesommer, Blaafarveværket 2009. First he painted the water, then the flowers, and then Anna with his eyes closed.
He states, "The ground tone is melancholy, and some beauty".

Kristen Visbal - "Fearless Girl"- The Fearless Girl is a bronze statue created by Kristen Visbal which was initially installed to mark International Women’s Day and placed opposite the iconic Charging Bull statue in Bowling Green Park, downtown Manhattan. She stands just 4 feet tall, but her fierce hands-on-hips posture and upturned head shows that she’s more than her size. She has been well known from her location in Manhattan, New York City and now she’s showing her strong, independent self in front of Grand Hotel in Oslo, facing the seaside.

Visbal has commented: "I made sure to keep her features soft; she's not defiant, she's brave, proud, and strong, not belligerent - so everyone could relate to the Fearless Girl."

Christian Ringnes has brought three artworks and has graciously loaned the art to the hotel. Two of the works are located in the lobby area; Elmgreen…
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